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Your guide to a healthier, happier, more engaged you.

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The MyCare Program is Care Management Done Right

The pursuit of better health doesn't stop when you leave the doctor's office, but we understand that managing your conditions on your own can be tough. 

That's why we created the MyCare Program.  It provides you with...

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MyCare Coordinator:

  • Monthly calls with your dedicated telehealth Care Coordinator
  • A personalized care plan created during your enrollment call
  • Wellness education and lifestyle coaching
  • Collaborative goal setting process
  • Accountability and support
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MyCare Journey:

  •  Educational and entertaining content sent to you via email or text
  • Two animated videos sent each week covering nutrition, fitness, and motivational topics
  • One interactive game, like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, weekly
  • Motivational challenges to help keep you inspired
  • Additional resources like recipes, tracking logs, and printable guides
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MyCare Device:

  •  Remote patient monitoring services available for certain qualifying conditions
  • The opportunity to have a scale sent to you at no out-of-pocket cost
  • Daily weigh-ins to help you stay accountable
  • Readings automatically upload to your chart


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